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Get/set/list properties for given btrfs object.

BTRFS-PROPERTY(8)                          Btrfs Manual                         BTRFS-PROPERTY(8)

NAME btrfs-property - get/set/list properties for given btrfs object.
SYNOPSIS btrfs property <subcommand> <args>
DESCRIPTION btrfs property is used to get/set/list property for given btrfs object. See the description of get subcommand for more information about both btrfs object and property. btrfs property provides an unified and user-friendly method to tune different btrfs properties instead of using the traditional method like chattr(1) or lsattr(1).
SUBCOMMAND get [-t <type>] <object> [<name>] Gets a property from a btrfs object. A btrfs object, which is set by <object>, can be a btrfs filesystem itself, a btrfs subvolume, an inode(file or directory) inside btrfs, or a device on which a btrfs exists. The -t <type> option can be used to explicitly specify what type of object you meant. This is only needed when a property could be set for more then one object type. Possible types are s[ubvol], f[ilesystem], i[node] and d[evice]. Set the name of property by <name>. If no <name> is specified, all properties for the given object are printed. <name> is one of the followings. ro read-only flag of subvolume: true or false label label of device compression compression setting for an inode: lzo, zlib, or "" (empty string) list [-t <type>] <object> Lists available properties with their descriptions for the given object. See the description of get subcommand for the meaning of each option. set [-t <type>] <object> <name> <value> Sets a property on a btrfs object. See the description of get subcommand for the meaning of each option.
EXIT STATUS btrfs property returns a zero exit status if it succeeds. Non zero is returned in case of failure.
AVAILABILITY btrfs is part of btrfs-progs. Please refer to the btrfs wiki for further details.
SEE ALSO mkfs.btrfs(8), lsattr(1), chattr(1)
Btrfs v4.4 06/15/2017 BTRFS-PROPERTY(8)
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