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Generic implementation of DEVICE_PRINT_CHILD for busses.

June 16, 1998
BUS_GENERIC_PRINT_CHILD(9)        BSD Kernel Developer's Manual        BUS_GENERIC_PRINT_CHILD(9)

NAME bus_generic_print_child — generic implementation of DEVICE_PRINT_CHILD for busses
SYNOPSIS #include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/bus.h> int bus_generic_print_child(device_t dev, device_t child);
DESCRIPTION This implementation prints out the default device announcement message. Given device 'foo0' on bus 'bar0' where foo0 has the name "FooCard 1234" the following would be printed: foo0: <FooCard 1234> on bar0 bus_generic_print_child itself calls two functions bus_print_child_header() and bus_print_child_footer(). The former prints "foo0: <FooCard 1234>" and the latter "on bar0". These routines should be used if possible in your own code if bus_generic_print_child() does not completely suit your needs.
RETURN VALUES The number of characters output.
SEE ALSO device(9)
AUTHORS This manual page was written by Doug Rabson.
BSD June 16, 1998 BSD
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