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Deployment and configuration of Ceph.

June 2013
CEPH-DEPLOY(8) Admin Commands CEPH-DEPLOY(8)


ceph-deploy - deployment and configuration of Ceph


usage: ceph-deploy [-h] [-v | -q] [-n] [--overwrite-conf] [--cluster NAME] COMMAND ... Deploy Ceph optional arguments: -h, --help show this help message and exit -v, --verbose be more verbose -q, --quiet be less verbose -n, --dry-run do not perform any action, but report what would be done --overwrite-conf overwrite an existing conf file on remote host (if present) --cluster NAME name of the cluster commands: COMMAND description new Start deploying a new cluster, and write a CLUSTER.conf and keyring for it. install Install Ceph packages on remote hosts. mon Deploy ceph monitor on remote hosts. mds Deploy ceph MDS on remote hosts. gatherkeys Gather authentication keys for provisioning new nodes. disk Manage disks on a remote host. osd Prepare a data disk on remote host. admin Push configuration and client.admin key to a remote host. config Push configuration file to a remote host. purgedata Purge (delete, destroy, discard, shred) any Ceph data from /var/lib/ceph purge Remove Ceph packages from remote hosts and purge all data. uninstall Remove Ceph packages from remote hosts. forgetkeys Remove authentication keys from the local directory.
ceph-deploy 1.0 June 2013 CEPH-DEPLOY(8)
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