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Ceph disk utility for OSD.

May 19, 2020


ceph-disk - Ceph disk utility for OSD


ceph-disk [-h] [-v] [--log-stdout] [--prepend-to-path PATH] [--statedir PATH] [--sysconfdir PATH] [--setuser USER] [--setgroup GROUP] ... optional arguments -h, --help show this help message and exit -v, --verbose be more verbose --log-stdout log to stdout --prepend-to-path PATH prepend PATH to $PATH for backward compatibility (default /usr/bin) --statedir PATH directory in which ceph state is preserved (default /var/lib/ceph) --sysconfdir PATH directory in which ceph configuration files are found (default /etc/ceph) --setuser USER use the given user for subprocesses, rather than ceph or root --setgroup GROUP use the given group for subprocesses, rather than ceph or root subcommands prepare Prepare a directory or disk for a Ceph OSD activate Activate a Ceph OSD activate-lockbox Activate a Ceph lockbox activate-block Activate an OSD via its block device activate-journal Activate an OSD via its journal device activate-all Activate all tagged OSD partitions list List disks, partitions, and Ceph OSDs suppress-activate Suppress activate on a device (prefix) unsuppress-activate Stop suppressing activate on a device (prefix) deactivate Deactivate a Ceph OSD destroy Destroy a Ceph OSD zap Zap/erase/destroy a device's partition table (and contents) trigger Trigger an event (caled by udev) fix Fix SELinux labels and/or file permissions


ceph-disk is a utility that can prepare and activate a disk, partition or directory as a Ceph OSD. It is run directly or triggered by ceph-deploy or udev. It can also be triggered by other deployment utilities like Chef, Juju, Puppet etc. It actually automates the multiple steps involved in manual creation and start of an OSD into two steps of preparing and activating the OSD by using the subcommands prepare and activate. ceph-disk also automates the multiple steps involved to manually stop and destroy an OSD into two steps of deactivating and destroying the OSD by using the subcommands deactivate and destroy. The documentation for each subcommand (prepare, activate, etc.) can be displayed with its --help option. For instance ceph-disk prepare --help.


See also the Bugs section in ceph-detect-init(8).


ceph-disk is part of Ceph, a massively scalable, open-source, distributed storage system. Please refer to the Ceph documentation at for more information.


ceph-detect-init(8) ceph-osd(8), ceph-deploy(8)
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dev May 19, 2020 CEPH-DISK(8)
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