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The Corosync Cluster Engine.

COROSYNC(8)                          System Manager's Manual                          COROSYNC(8)

NAME corosync - The Corosync Cluster Engine.
SYNOPSIS corosync [-f] [-p] [-r] [-v]
DESCRIPTION corosync Corosync provides clustering infracture such as membership, messaging and quorum.
OPTIONS -f Start application in foreground. -p Do not set process priority. -r Set round robin realtime scheduling (default). -t Test configuration and then exit. -v Display version and SVN revision of Corosync and exit.
SEE ALSO corosync_overview(8), corosync.conf(5), cpg_overview(8), votequorum_overview(8), sam_over‐ view(8), cmap_overview(8), quorum_overview(8)
AUTHOR Angus Salkeld
2010-05-30 COROSYNC(8)
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corosync(8) referred by corosync-notifyd(8) | gfs2(5) | votequorum(5)
refer to cmap_overview(8) | corosync.conf(5) | corosync_overview(8) | cpg_overview(8) | quorum_overview(8) | votequorum_overview(8)