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Be obnoxious about how much mail you have.

October 3, 1997
COUNTMAIL(6)                             BSD Games Manual                            COUNTMAIL(6)

NAME countmail — be obnoxious about how much mail you have
SYNOPSIS countmail
DESCRIPTION The countmail program counts your mail and tells you about it rather obnoxiously.
HISTORY The countmail program first appeared in NetBSD 1.3. countmail was first written by Noah Friedman <> in 1993. This version was written by Charles M. Hannum ⟨⟩.
CAVEATS The read loop is horrendously slow on every shell implementation tried. countmail uses from(1) and wc(1) instead, though these are not shell builtins.
SEE ALSO from(1)
BSD October 3, 1997 BSD
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