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Manipulate CUDF documents.

CUDF-CHECK(1)                  User Contributed Perl Documentation                  CUDF-CHECK(1)

NAME cudf-check - manipulate CUDF documents
SYNOPSIS cudf-check [OPTION]
DESCRIPTION cudf-check is a command line tool to manipulate and validate CUDF documents. Use Cases validate a CUDF document (package universe + request): cudf-check -cudf FILE validate a CUDF document (package universe + request) and its solution cudf-check -cudf FILE -sol FILE validate a package universe (without user request) cudf-check -univ FILE
OPTIONS -cudf parse the given CUDF (universe + request) -univ parse the given package universe -sol parse the given solution -dump dump results to standard output -help --help show usage information and exit
EXIT STATUS cudf-check returns an exit status of 0 (true) if all performed checks (universe consistency, solution consistency, request-solution correspondence) were successful; if one or more of them fails, cudf-check returns an exit status of 1 (false).
SEE ALSO apt-cudf(1), update-cudf-solvers(8)
AUTHOR Copyright: (C) 2009-2014 Stefano Zacchiroli <> License: GNU General Public License (GPL), version 3 or above
0.7 2014-04-29 CUDF-CHECK(1)
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