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Register available CUDF solvers as APT external solvers.

UPDATE-CUDF-SOLVERS(8)         User Contributed Perl Documentation         UPDATE-CUDF-SOLVERS(8)


update-cudf-solvers - register available CUDF solvers as APT external solvers


update-cudf-solvers [OPTION]... update-cudf-solvers [OPTION]... --remove update-cudf-solvers [OPTION]... --list


update-cudf-solvers maintain the list of installed CUDF solvers and register them as external solvers for APT. The first form (without mandatory options) should be invoked each time a new CUDF solver specification file is added to or removed from the CUDF solver specification directory (by default /usr/share/cudf/solvers). update-cudf-solvers will synchronize the differences with APT external solvers, by installing suitable symlinks to the /usr/bin/apt-cudf wrapper under /usr/lib/apt/solvers. The second form (with the mandatory "--remove" option) will remove all installed external APT solvers that originated from CUDF solvers. It's a cleanup operation meant to be used only upon removal of the apt-cudf package. The third form just lists available solvers and exit. Note that other, non-CUDF based, APT external solvers might be present under /usr/lib/apt/solvers. update-cudf-solvers leaves the untouched and act only on (present or past) APT solvers corresponding to CUDF solvers. TRIGGER-BASED OPERATION The directory /usr/share/cudf/solvers is monitored by a dpkg trigger that invokes update- cudf-solvers as needed. In all but exceptional circumstances, you should not be required to opearte update-cudf-solvers manually.


-d --debug Print debugging information during operation. -h --help Show usage information and exit. -l --list List available solvers and exit. Both CUDF and APT's external solvers (AKA "EDSP solvers") will be listed. -r --remove Unregister all CUDF solvers.


apt-get(8), apt-cudf(8), README.cudf-solvers <file:///usr/share/doc/apt-cudf/README.cudf- solvers>, README.Debian <file:///usr/share/doc/apt-cudf/README.Debian>


Copyright: (C) 2011 Stefano Zacchiroli <> License: GNU Lesser General Public License (GPL), version 3 or above
apt-cudf 4.0.2-4 2016-01-03 UPDATE-CUDF-SOLVERS(8)
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