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Marker file for dhex.

May 12, 2012
DHEX_MARKERS(5)                      BSD File Formats Manual                      DHEX_MARKERS(5)

NAME dhex_markers — marker file for dhex
DESCRIPTION Bookmarks for dhex(1) are stored in marker files. This manpage describes the format of those marker files. EXAMPLE A typical marker file looks like this: ‘#DHEX MARKERS’ ‘#VERSION 0’ ‘#lines are all in hex’ ‘#relative positions are =, +, -’ ‘=0000000000000000’ ‘=0000000000001000’ ‘=0000000000002000’ ‘+0000000000001000’ ‘+0000000000002000’ ‘-0000000000001000’ ‘-0000000000002000’ ‘=00000005334ffeba’ ‘=00000000DEADBEEF’ ‘+000000000000BABE’
OPTIONS In the example above, the file has two sections: A comment section, and a bookmark section. Comments Comments are indicated with a '#' character. Everything afterwards in a line is being ignored when parsing the file Bookmark section Bookmarks can be either absolute or relative. Lines with absolute bookmarks are starting with '=', the relative ones with '+' or '-'. The value is a 64 bit hexadecimal one. There should always be 10 bookmarks per file.
BUGS Report bugs to <>. Make sure to include DHEX somewhere in the subject.
AUTHOR Written by Thomas Dettbarn
SEE ALSO dhex(1), dhexrc(5), dhex_searchlog(5).
BSD May 12, 2012 BSD
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