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Dlm cluster control daemon.

DLM_CONTROLD(8)                                dlm                                DLM_CONTROLD(8)


dlm_controld - dlm cluster control daemon


dlm_controld [OPTIONS]


The kernel dlm requires a user daemon to manage lockspace membership. dlm_controld man‐ ages lockspace membership using corosync cpg groups, and translates membership changes into dlm kernel recovery events. dlm_controld also manages posix locks for cluster file systems using the dlm.


Command line options override a corresponding setting in dlm.conf(5). For default settings, see dlm_controld -h. --daemon_debug | -D enable debugging to stderr and don't fork --foreground don't fork --log_debug | -K enable kernel dlm debugging messages --protocol | -r str dlm kernel lowcomms protocol: tcp, sctp, detect --debug_logfile | -L write debugging to log file --enable_plock | -p 0|1 enable/disable posix lock support for cluster fs --plock_debug | -P enable plock debugging --plock_rate_limit | -l int limit rate of plock operations (0 for none) --plock_ownership | -o 0|1 enable/disable plock ownership --drop_resources_time | -t int plock ownership drop resources time (milliseconds) --drop_resources_count | -c int plock ownership drop resources count --drop_resources_age | -a int plock ownership drop resources age (milliseconds) --post_join_delay | -j int seconds to delay fencing after cluster join --enable_fencing | -f 0|1 enable/disable fencing --enable_concurrent_fencing 0|1 enable/disable concurrent fencing --enable_startup_fencing | -s 0|1 enable/disable startup fencing --enable_quorum_fencing | -q 0|1 enable/disable quorum requirement for fencing --enable_quorum_lockspace 0|1 enable/disable quorum requirement for lockspace operations --fence_all str fence all nodes with this agent --unfence_all enable unfencing self with fence_all agent --help | -h print this help, then exit --version | -V Print program version information, then exit


dlm_tool(8), dlm.conf(5)
dlm 2012-04-05 DLM_CONTROLD(8)
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