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A utility for the dlm and dlm_controld daemon.

DLM_TOOL(8)                                    dlm                                    DLM_TOOL(8)

NAME dlm_tool - a utility for the dlm and dlm_controld daemon
SYNOPSIS dlm_tool [COMMAND] [OPTIONS] [ name ]
COMMANDS ls Display dlm_controld internal lockspace state. status Dump dlm_controld daemon state. dump Dump dlm_controld debug buffer. dump_config Dump dlm_controld config settings. fence_ack nodeid Quit trying to fence a node. log_plock Dump dlm_controld plock debug buffer. plocks name Dump posix locks from dlm_controld for the lockspace. join name Join a lockspace. leave name Leave a lockspace. lockdebug name Complete display of locks from the lockspace. lockdump name Minimal display of locks from the lockspace (deprecated).
OPTIONS -n Show all node information in ls. -d 0|1 Resource directory off/on in join, default 0 -e 0|1 Exclusive create off/on in join, default 0 -f 0|1 FS (filesystem) flag off/on in join, default 0 -m mode Permission mode for lockspace device (octal), default 0600 -s Summary following lockdebug output (experiemental) -v Verbose lockdebug output -w Wide lockdebug output -M Include MSTCPY locks in lockdump output -h Print help, then exit -V Print program version information, then exit
SEE ALSO dlm_controld(8), dlm.conf(5)
dlm 2012-04-05 DLM_TOOL(8)
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refer to dlm.conf(5) | dlm_controld(8)