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Check edirect's notion of your e-mail address.

EADDRESS(1) NCBI Entrez Direct User's Manual EADDRESS(1)


eaddress - check edirect's notion of your e-mail address


eaddress edirect -address


eaddress prints (to standard output) the e-mail address that other edirect(1) subcommands will send by default to have someone to notify in case a runaway script causes problems with an NCBI Entrez server. If the EMAIL environment variable is set, edirect will honor it. Otherwise, it will combine a username from the USER environment variable or reported by whoami(1) with a hostname from /etc/mailname or uname(2), attempting to obtain a fully qualified form if necessary.


econtact(1), edirect(1), whoami(1).
NCBI 2017-01-24 EADDRESS(1)
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eaddress(1) referred by econtact(1) | edirect(1) | enotify(1)
refer to econtact(1) | edirect(1) | uname(2) | whoami(1)
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