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Configuration file for OpenShift.

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express.conf - configuration file for OpenShift


Search order (on a per variable basis): 1) ~/.openshift/express.conf (Created on first usage of rhc client tools and can be cus‐ tomized per system user) 2) /etc/openshift/express.conf (RPM install path) 3) <ruby_gem_dir>/gems/rhc-<version>/conf/express.conf (RubyGem install path)


express.conf contains the following configuration params: libra_server The server the rhc client tools communicate with i.e.‐ ssh_key_file The name of the rsa key file used with your OpenShift applications. File should exist under ~/.ssh along with corresponding <ssh_key_file>.pub (Can also be speci‐ fied as a full path). The defaults if not specified are libra_id_rsa followed by id_rsa. Ex: libra_id_rsa Note: If you set this value after creating your domain you'll need to run rhc-create-domain -l <rhlogin> -n <namespace> --alter to update the corresponding key in OpenShift. You'll also want to modify the value of IdentityFile in your ~/.ssh/config file for the * host. debug Boolean indicating whether debug should always be enabled for the rhc client tools. timeout Number of seconds before remote operations will timeout. default_rhlogin The default rhc client tools rhlogin. Used as the default when the -l argument is not passed to each of the client tools.


<ruby_gem_dir>/gems/rhc-<version>/conf/express.conf The RubyGem system wide configuration file. /etc/openshift/express.conf The system wide configuration file. ~/.openshift/express.conf Per user configuration file. ~/.ssh/config SSH Config file is altered automatically to create support for newly created Open‐ Shift hosts. Should be harmless. See ssh_config(5) for more information. ~/.ssh/libra_id_rsa SSH key created by rhc-create-domain to interact with OpenShift services see ssh-keygen(1) for more information


Please contact the Red Hat OpenShift team. Forums:‐ nity/forums/openshift IRC: #openshift on


Mike McGrath <>, Jim Jagielski <>


rhc-create-domain(1), rhc-ctl-app(1), rhc-snapshot(1), rhc-user-info(1), rhc-tail-files(1), rhc-create-app(1), rhc-port-forward(1)
Linux JANUARY 2011 express.conf(5)
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refer to ssh-keygen(1) | ssh_config(5)
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