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A free and open source web browser from Mozilla.

FIREFOX(1) General Commands Manual FIREFOX(1)


firefox - a free and open source web browser from Mozilla


firefox [OPTIONS] [url]


See for help using the browser. This manpage only describes how to run it.


-h, --help Prints the command line options. -g, --debug Starts firefox in a debugger. -d, --debugger Specify the debugger in which to start firefox. The default is gdb. Used in con‐ junction with -g. -a, --debugger-args Specify arguments to pass to the debugger. Used in conjunction with -g. -no-remote Don't connect to any other running instances of firefox. Use this if you want to run firefox in an entirely new process. By default, firefox will delegate a command to an already running instance. -ProfileManager Start the profilemanager. Use this to choose the profile you would like to run firefox with. You will need to also use -no-remote if there is already a running firefox instance. -P profile Start firefox with the profile named profile. Will start the profile manager if a valid profile name is not specified. You will need to also use -no-remote if there is already a running firefox instance. -safe-mode Start firefox in safe-mode. This disables all third-party extensions, and may be necessary if you are having problems with an extension you installed. -new-tab url Open url in a new tab. -new-window url Open url in a new window. -v, -version Print the current version of firefox. -UILocale locale Start firefox with the specified locale locale. Use this to override your environ‐ ment -preferences Open the preferences dialog. -private Start firefox in private browsing mode -private-toggle Toggle private browsing mode -setDefaultBrowser Set firefox as the default web browser -search term Search for term with your default search engine -jsconsole Open the Error console. If firefox is not already running, this will open a new browser window too
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