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Icewm toolbar configuration file.

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icewm-toolbar - icewm toolbar configuration file


$ICEWM_PRIVCFG/toolbar $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/icewm/toolbar $HOME/.icewm/toolbar /etc/icewm/toolbar /usr/share/icewm/toolbar


The toolbar file is responsible for configuring quick launch application icons that are placed on the icewm(1) panel. The file is used to place programs as buttons on the icewm(1) pane Contains names of quick to launch applications with icons for the task bar. Each non- empty non-comment line starts with the keyword prog. After one or more spaces follows a name, which is displayed in a tool tip whenever the mouse cursor hovers over the toolbar icon. This name may be a double quoted string. Then follows the bare name of the icon to use without extensions. This icon will be shown in the toolbar. The last component is a shell command line which will be executed whenever the user presses the icon in the toolbar. For example, the following line in toolbar will create a button with tool tip "Mozilla Firefox" with the firefox icon which launches firefox(1) when clicked: prog "Mozilla Firefox" firefox /usr/bin/firefox --private-window


The format of the file contains one of the following line syntax: prog "title" icon program options Where, prog The literal string prog. "title" The title of the toolbar item, which will appear as a tool-tip for the program button, enclosed in double quotes ("""). icon The icon to display on the toolbar button. May be specified as a single dash ("-") when no icon is provided. When no icon is provided, the title text will be displayed on the button in place of the icon. program The executable program (full path or executable name) to run when the button is pressed. options Options and arguments that are passed to program. Lines beginning with a hash ("#") are comment lines. Comment lines and blank lines are ignored.


Following is an example that places a number of toolbar buttons on the icewm(1) panel: prog "File Manager" file-manager.png pcmanfm prog "Web Browser" web-browser.png /usr/lib/firefox/firefox prog "Terminal" terminal.png roxterm prog "Graphical Editor" text-editor.png gvim -f prog "Calculator" accessories-calculator.png calculator prog "Run Command" gtk-execute.png xde-run prog "Network" gtk-network.png pcmanfm ~/Network prog "Logout" system-log-out.png xde-logout


Locations for the toolbar options file are as follows: $ICEWM_PRIVCFG/toolbar $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/icewm/toolbar $HOME/.icewm/toolbar /etc/icewm/toolbar /usr/share/icewm/toolbar




Brian Bidulock <>.


IceWM is licensed under the GNU Library General Public License. See the COPYING file in the distribution.
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