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Driver for temperature sensors on memory modules.

May 9, 2017
JEDEC_TS(4) BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual JEDEC_TS(4)


jedec_ts — driver for temperature sensors on memory modules


device jedec_ts device smbus Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the following line in loader.conf(5): jedec_ts_load="YES" In /boot/device.hints:"smbus0" hint.jedec_ts.0.addr="0x30""smbus0" hint.jedec_ts.1.addr="0x32""smbus0" hint.jedec_ts.2.addr="0x34""smbus0" hint.jedec_ts.3.addr="0x36""smbus0" hint.jedec_ts.4.addr="0x38""smbus0" hint.jedec_ts.5.addr="0x3A""smbus0" hint.jedec_ts.6.addr="0x3C""smbus0" hint.jedec_ts.7.addr="0x3E"


The jedec_ts driver provides access to sensor data over the smbus(4). The driver supports temperature sensors on memory modules that conform to JEDEC Standard 21-C, TSE2002 Specifi‐ cation. The access to jedec_ts data is made via the sysctl(8) interface: dev.jedec_ts.%d.temp read-only value of the current temperature read by the sensor. On a system using device.hints(5), these values are configurable for jedec_ts: target smbus(4). hint.jedec_ts.%d.addr jedec_ts SMBus address on the smbus(4). jedec_ts temperature sensors can be wired to eight different addresses, allowing up to eight sensors on the same smbus(4). If the sensors are on an I2C bus behind an iicbus(4) controller, then the iicsmb(4) bridge driver can be used to attach the smbus(4).


Sensor read out for two memory modules: dev.jedec_ts.0.temp: 40.2500C dev.jedec_ts.1.temp: 40.7500C


iicbus(4), iicsmb(4), smbus(4), sysctl(8)


The jedec_ts driver first appeared in FreeBSD 11.1.


The jedec_ts driver and this manual page were written by Andriy Gapon <>.
BSD May 9, 2017 BSD
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