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Client for mlterm.

MLCLIENT(1)                          General Commands Manual                          MLCLIENT(1)

NAME mlclient - client for mlterm
SYNOPSIS mlclient [options]
DESCRIPTION mlclient is a client for the mlterm(1) server (daemon). mlterm(1), an X terminal emula‐ tor, can be invoked as a daemon process which holds multiple sessions (shell process and other information like backlog). mlclient can creat a new session or recall an existing session which had been disconnected from a window.
OPTIONS mlclient accepts most options of mlterm. Please read mlterm(1) for detail. Following options do not work for mlclient: -@/--screens, -R/--fsrange, -Y/--decsp, -c/--cp932, -i/--xim, -j/--daemon, and --depth --maxptys --keepalive --metaprefix --deffont Following option is mlclient specific: -P/--ptylist print pty list. --kill kill a mlterm daemon.
SEE ALSO mlterm(1), locale(7), charsets(7), UTF-8(7), and X(7).
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2014-07-06 MLCLIENT(1)
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mlclient(1) referred by mlterm(1)
refer to charsets(7) | locale(7) | mlterm(1) | utf-8(7) | X(7)