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Convert PBM images to Postscript with G3 fax compression.

pbmtopsg3(29 June 2001) pbmtopsg3(29 June 2001)


pbmtopsg3 - convert PBM images to Postscript with G3 fax compression


pbmtopsg3 [--title=title] [--dpi=dpi] [filespec]


Converts the PBM images in the input PBM file to pages in a Postscript file encoded with G3 fax compression. If you don't specify filespec, the input is from Standard Input. Remember that you can create a multi-image PBM file simply by concatenating single-image PBM files, so if each page is in a different file, you might do: cat faxpage* | pbmtopsg3 >


-title The Postscript title value. Default is no title. -dpi The resolution of the Postscript output. Default is 72 dpi.


pnmtops(1), pstopnm(1), gs(1), pstopnm(1), pbmtolps(1), pbmtoepsi(1), pbmtog3(1), g3topbm(1), pbm(5)
pbmtopsg3(29 June 2001)
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