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Portable subsecond-capable sleep.

PMSLEEP(1)                           General Commands Manual                           PMSLEEP(1)

NAME pmpause, pmsleep - portable subsecond-capable sleep
SYNOPSIS $PCP_BINADM_DIR/pmpause $PCP_BINADM_DIR/pmsleep interval
DESCRIPTION pmpause sleeps indefinitely, until interrupted by SIGKILL. pmsleep sleeps for the specified interval. The interval argument follows the syntax described in PCPIntro(1) for -t, and in the simplest form may be an unsigned integer or floating point constant (the implied units in this case are seconds).
DIAGNOSTICS The exit status is 0 for success, or 1 for a malformed command line. If the underlying nanosleep(2) system call fails, an errno is returned.
SEE ALSO sleep(1), pause(2) and nanosleep(2).
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