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Queue a mail message for delivery.

qmail-queue(8)                       System Manager's Manual                       qmail-queue(8)

NAME qmail-queue - queue a mail message for delivery
SYNOPSIS qmail-queue
DESCRIPTION qmail-queue reads a mail message from descriptor 0. It then reads envelope information from descriptor 1. It places the message into the outgoing queue for future delivery by qmail-send. The envelope information is an envelope sender address followed by a list of envelope recipient addresses. The sender address is preceded by the letter F and terminated by a 0 byte. Each recipient address is preceded by the letter T and terminated by a 0 byte. The list of recipient addresses is terminated by an extra 0 byte. If qmail-queue sees end-of- file before the extra 0 byte, it aborts without placing the message into the queue. Every envelope recipient address should contain a username, an @ sign, and a fully quali‐ fied domain name. qmail-queue always adds a Received line to the top of the message. Other than this, qmail-queue does not inspect the message and does not enforce any restrictions on its con‐ tents. However, the recipients probably expect to see a proper header, as described in qmail-header(5). Programs included with qmail which invoke qmail-queue will invoke the contents of $QMAILQUEUE instead, if that environment variable is set.
FILESYSTEM RESTRICTIONS qmail-queue imposes two constraints on the queue structure: each mess subdirectory must be in the same filesystem as the pid directory; and each todo subdirectory must be in the same filesystem as the intd directory.
EXIT CODES qmail-queue does not print diagnostics. It exits 0 if it has successfully queued the mes‐ sage. It exits between 1 and 99 if it has failed to queue the message. All qmail-queue error codes between 11 and 40 indicate permanent errors: 11 Address too long. 31 Mail server permanently refuses to send the message to any recipients. (Not used by qmail-queue, but can be used by programs offering the same interface.) All other qmail-queue error codes indicate temporary errors: 51 Out of memory. 52 Timeout. 53 Write error; e.g., disk full. 54 Unable to read the message or envelope. 55 Unable to read a configuration file. (Not used by qmail-queue.) 56 Problem making a network connection from this host. (Not used by qmail-queue.) 61 Problem with the qmail home directory. 62 Problem with the queue directory. 63 Problem with queue/pid. 64 Problem with queue/mess. 65 Problem with queue/intd. 66 Problem with queue/todo. 71 Mail server temporarily refuses to send the message to any recipients. (Not used by qmail-queue.) 72 Connection to mail server timed out. (Not used by qmail-queue.) 73 Connection to mail server rejected. (Not used by qmail-queue.) 74 Connection to mail server succeeded, but communication failed. (Not used by qmail- queue.) 81 Internal bug; e.g., segmentation fault. 91 Envelope format error.
SEE ALSO addresses(5), envelopes(5), qmail-header(5), qmail-inject(8), qmail-qmqpc(8), qmail- send(8), qmail-smtpd(8)
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