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RoarAudio sound library.

June 2011
roarvs(7) System Manager's Manual: RoarAuido roarvs(7)


libroar - RoarAudio sound library roarvs - RoarAudio very simple API


#include <roaraudio.h> roar_vs_t * vss;


The VS (for Very Simple) API is a high level abstraction layer used to allow use of Roa‐ rAudio from very simple programs. The API was designed to help people to easly upgrade existing artsc and pulse-simple code to RoarAudio. While the API is equivalently simple it is much more powerful than one one by aRtsc or PulseAudio. The VS API also has a mode to play back (and record) files easly. As this uses VIO/DSTR it can handle streams as well.


Tutorials can be found in roartut(7).


There are several important functions. This is a small list of the most important ones. Error handling roar_vs_strerr(3) Opening roar_vs_new(3), roar_vs_new_simple(3), roar_vs_new_playback(3), roar_vs_new_from_file(3) Closing roar_vs_close(3) Reading and writing roar_vs_read(3), roar_vs_write(3) Non-Blocking and Asyncron IO roar_vs_blocking(3), roar_vio_select(3) Volume and Flags roar_vs_pause(3), roar_vs_mute(3), roar_vs_volume_mono(3), roar_vs_vol‐ ume_stereo(3), roar_vs_volume_get(3) Meta data roar_vs_meta(3), roar_vs_role(3) File mode roar_vs_file(3), roar_vs_file_simple(3), roar_vs_iterate(3), roar_vs_run(3) Buffered mode roar_vs_buffer(3), roar_vs_iterate(3), roar_vs_run(3)


A lot...


roar-config(1), roartypes(1), roartut(7), RoarAudio(7).
RoarAudio June 2011 roarvs(7)
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refer to roar-config(1) | roar_vs_blocking(3) | roar_vs_buffer(3) | roar_vs_close(3) | roar_vs_file(3) | roar_vs_file_simple(3) | roar_vs_iterate(3) | roar_vs_meta(3) | roar_vs_mute(3) | roar_vs_new(3) | roar_vs_new_from_file(3) | roar_vs_new_playback(3) | roar_vs_new_simple(3) | roar_vs_pause(3) | roar_vs_read(3) | roar_vs_role(3) | roar_vs_run(3) | roar_vs_strerr(3) | roar_vs_volume_get(3) | roar_vs_volume_mono(3)
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