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A graphical equivilient to chfn.

6 October 1997
USERINFO(1)                          General Commands Manual                          USERINFO(1)

NAME userinfo - A graphical equivilient to chfn.
SYNOPSIS userinfo [ options ]
DESCRIPTION userinfo is a graphical tool to allow users to conveniently change their finger informa‐ tion.
OPTIONS This program has no command line options of its own, but it does take the standard X pro‐ gram options like -display and such. See the X(1) man page for some of the common options.
SEE ALSO chfn(1), finger(1), passwd(5)
BUGS Currently doesn't give feedback to the user when the helper fails. (things like incorrect passwords and such) The next iteration should fix this bug.
AUTHOR Otto Hammersmith <>
Red Hat Software 6 October 1997 USERINFO(1)
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userinfo(1) referred by userhelper(8)
refer to chfn(1) | finger(1) | passwd(5)