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NetTraffic Portable

Portable (instant / standalone) version of NetTraffic, essential network bandwidth usage monitor.

This page extends base information about NetTraffic in field of portable mode.

Difference to installer version

Portable version contains exactly the same executable (and has the same functionality) as installer version.



Portable version can run from any filesystem that:

It means it can run from almost every:

It can also work from network drive / network filesystem / network location if meets above requirements (some network solutions do not meets).



To set autostart go to settings, mark start with system, click apply. Option will be applied to system on nearest NetTraffic close.

If autostart option is set to:

Data directory location

By default in portable mode working directory must contains Data directory or directory symbolic link named Data to target directory.

You may change data location by making symbolic link with name Data in working directory pointing to another directory (location, disc, filesystem) ~ where physically data will be stored. Target location must meets specified requirements. By default administrator privileges are required to create symbolic links. To change data location, follow instructions below.

  1. Close NetTraffic if is running. If Data directory in working directory contains files - make backup.
  2. Remove Data directory from working directory (delete, rename or move to another location).
  3. If your target directory do not exists, create it in target location. Choose any name for it. If you have backuped data, put it back to target directory. Note, your target directory will be (for content) equivalent of Data directory.
  4. Open command prompt in privileged mode (click start, type: command prompt, then right click on command prompt icon and click ~ open in privileged mode).
  5. Make symbolic link, type following command (update sample pathes to your pathes)
    mklink /d "e:\your-portable-path\NetTraffic\Data" "g:\path\to-your-target\data-directory"
    and press enter.
  6. Run NetTraffic.

Symbolic links reference may be useful.

Multiple instances / versions

Only single instance of NetTraffic can work at the same time. If you multiple time launch app from the same path, chart window of working instance will be shown and redundant instance will be closed.

If one instance is running, and another from not the same path (installer, other portable) will be launhed, new instance will be closed, and chart window of first instance will not be affected (bringed up).

If you would like run app from another portable path or from installer, first close working instance (right click at tary icon or chart, then click close). Then start app from the path you want.

Data migration between versions: installer and portable or portables

First method - XML file

In source NetTraffic go to statiscics window, click data / export, export data to XML file. Close source NetTraffic. Run destination NetTraffic. Go to statistics window, click data / import, import data from selected XML file.

This method migrates only data, does not migrate configuration.

Second method - raw data copy

By default, data directory of:

To migrate, close NetTraffic if (any instance) runs. Copy data directory content from source to destination. Launch Nettraffic that use destination data directory.

This method migrates data and configuration.

Portable version update

In brief, replace old files with new ones excluding Data directory with its contents. One of possible methods is described below.

  1. Close NetTraffic if runs.
  2. From working directory delete everything except Data directory with its contents.
  3. From NetTraffic directory inside archive to working directory extract everything except Data directory.
  4. Run NetTraffic.


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