NetTraffic - custom network tray icon

Customize network activity indicator (tray icons set). Related page: NetTraffic.


Required file format PNG (transparent background), width 64px, height 16px.

Content 4 items (16px by 16px each), from left to right:

  • transmit & receive,
  • only transmit,
  • only receive,
  • idle.


Place your custom icons set(s) to Tray directory in NetTraffic:

  • installation directory (default C:\Program Files\NetTraffic or C:\Program Files(x86)\NetTraffic),
  • or portable directory (in case of NetTraffic Portable).


Reopen settings window. In tab General, section Tray icon / Collection select your custom icons set. Press Apply or OK.


Tray icons set, classic, bright Classic - bright.
Tray icons set, classic, blue Classic - blue.

Taskbar preview

Networking tray icon - default
Network tray icon - classic
classic blue

Share your icons set(s) with others

If you would like share your custom icons set(s) with other users, you may send it to email given at contact page (by sending you agree to publication on this domain, and agree to download and use by anyone).