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Certificate management for eurephia.

July 2010
eurephiadm certs(7) eurephiadm certs(7)


eurephiadm-certs - Certificate management for eurephia


Available modes for the certificate command are: -A | --add Register a new certificate -D | --delete Delete a registered certificate -l | --list List all registered certificates -h | --help <mode> Help about a specific mode


The list mode will list all registered certificates. It accepts one parameter: -S | --sort <sort key> Decide the sort order of the certificate list Available sort keys are: certid Numeric certificate ID depth Certificate depth digest Certificate SHA1 digest cname Certificate Common Name field org Certificate organisation field email Certificate e-mail address field registered When the certificate was registered in eurephia.


The add mode will register a new certificate. -d | --depth Certificate depth, required. -D | --digest SHA1 fingerprint/digest of the new certificate -C | --common-name Common name (CN) field of the certificate -O | --organisation Organisation (O) field of the certificate -E | --email e-mail address (emailAddress) of the certificate Usually the certificate depth value needs to be 0, if you are registering user account certificates. CA certificates usually have a value bigger than 0. If you have the certificate file available, you can use the following options to retrieve the needed information directly from a certificate file. -f | --certfile File name of the certificate file. -p | --pkcs12 If the file is in PKCS#12 format. The default format is PEM format, unless --pkcs12 is given. These two options cannot be used together with -D, -C, -O or -E. But the certificate depth must be given to indicate the certificate depth.


The delete mode will remove a certificate from the certificate database. -i | --certid Indicates a unique certificate ID -d | --digest A unique SHA1 fingerprint/digest value -C | --common-name Common Name (CN) field of a certificate -O | --organisation Organisation (O) field of a certificate -E | --email e-mail address (emailAddress) of a certificate You can use any of these parameters to indicate a search criteria for the certificate (or certificates) you want to delete. You will be provided with a list over certificates which matches your search criteria and you will need to approve the deletion of the match‐ ing certificate(s).


eurephiadm-users(7), eurephiadm-usercerts(7)


Copyright (C) 2008-2012 David Sommerseth <>
David Sommerseth July 2010 eurephiadm certs(7)
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