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User management module.

July 2010
eurephiadm users(7) eurephiadm users(7)


eurephiadm-users - User management module


eurephiadm users --list|-l [-S|--sort <sort keys>] eurephiadm users --show|-s [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] [-l|-|-last‐ log] [-L|--lastlog-details] [-a|--attempts] [-b|--blacklist] eurephiadm users --activate|-a [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] eurephiadm users --deactivate|-d [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] eurephiadm users --add|-A [-u|--username <user name>] [-P|--password <plain text pass‐ word>] [-C|--certid <certificate ID>] [-D|--digest <certificate SHA1 digest>] [-c|--cert‐ file <certificate file>] [-2|--pkcs12] eurephiadm users --delete|-D [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] eurephiadm users --password|-p [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] eurephiadm users [-h|--help [<mode>]]


eurephiadm users manages eurephia user accounts. It provides an interface for listing, creating new, modify and delete user accounts.


Available modes: -l | --list [-S|--sort <sort keys>] List all user accounts. Providing -S|--sort and a sort key will define the sort order of the list. Valid sort keys are: uid - user ID username - User name belonging to the user account activated - When the user account was activated deactivated - When the user account was deactivated lastaccess - When the user account was last used -s | --show [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] [-l|--lastlog] [-L|--last‐ log-details] [-a|--attempts] [-b|--blacklist] Show user account details. --uid or --username are required. The other arguments only defined which kind of information to show. -a | --activate [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] Activate a user account. --uid or --username is required. -d | --deactivate [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] Deactivate a user account. --uid or --username is required. -A | --add [-u|--username <user name>] [-P|--password <plain text password>] [-C|--certid <certificate ID>] [-D|--digest <certificate SHA1 digest>] [-c|--certfile <certifi‐ cate file>] [-2|--pkcs12] Add a new user account. --username is required. If you want to assign a password for the new user account via the command line, provide the password with --pass‐ word. To associate this user account against an already regstistered certificate, it can be done by either refering to the certificate ID in eurephia using --certid or pro‐ viding the certificate SHA1 digest/fingerprint to --digest. A brand new certificate can be registered and linked to the user account directly if you have access to the certificate file. The file can be in either PEM/DER for‐ mat or PKCS#12. Use --certfile to indicate the certificate file to extract the information from and --pkcs12 if it is a PKCS#12 file. -D | --delete [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] Delete a user account. --uid or --username is required. -p | --password [-i|--uid <user id>] [-u|--username <user name>] Change password on a user account. --uid or --username is required. -h | --help [<mode>] Show a help screen. Without any arguments, all modes are listed. Providing a mode will show more information about the chosen mode.


eurephiadm(7), eurephiadm-certs(7)


Copyright (C) 2008-2012 David Sommerseth <>
David Sommerseth July 2010 eurephiadm users(7)
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