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View the eurephia lastlog.

July 2010
eurephiadm lastlog(7) eurephiadm lastlog(7)


eurephiadm-lastlog - View the eurephia lastlog


eurephiadm lastlog [-v|--verbose] [-S|--sortkeys <sort keys>] [<FILTER arguments>]


This command will query the lastlog records, which contains information about all logins done with the eurephia-auth plug-in.


-S | --sortkeys <sort key>[,<sort key>[,<sort key>]...] Sorting order of the report. More sort keys can be given, separated by comma. The available sort keys are: uid : User ID certid : Certificate ID ip : IP address where the client connects from vpnip : Assigned IP address on the VPN client status : eurephia connection status login : When the client logged in logout : When the client logged out username : eurephia username macaddr : MAC address of the TUN/TAP interface on the VPN client uicid : User ID/Certificate ID link ID. Related to the IDs provided by eurephiadm usercerts -v | --verbose View detailed lastlog


The filters can help reducing the amount of data being reported. Multiple filters may be added, but they will only work as additional "AND" arguments in the query. -c | --certid <Certificate ID> Certificate ID -i | --uid <User ID> Numeric user ID -u | --username <User name> User name -I | --ip-addr <IP address> IP address of remote host -s | --login <YYYY-MM-DD> Login time -e | --logout <YYYY-MM-DD> Logout time -m | --mac-addr <TUN/TAP MAC address> MAC address of remote VPN interface of the client -a | --uicid <Access ID> User ID/Certificate ID link ID. Related to the IDs provided by eurephiadm usercerts


eurephiadm(7), eurephiadm-certs(7), eurephiadm-users(7), eurephiadm-usercerts(7)


Copyright (C) 2008-2012 David Sommerseth <>
David Sommerseth July 2010 eurephiadm lastlog(7)
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