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Report a GetData library error.

16 October 2014
gd_error_string(3)                           GETDATA                           gd_error_string(3)


gd_error_string — report a GetData library error


#include <getdata.h> char *gd_error_string(const DIRFILE *dirfile, char *buffer, size_t buflen);


The gd_error_string() function returns a string describing the last dirfile error encoun‐ tered while operating on dirfile. If buffer is not NULL, the string is written to this memory location. At most buflen characters will be written. This always includes a terminating null byte, even if the er‐ ror string was truncated. The numeric dirfile error itself may be obtained by calling gd_error(3). If buffer is NULL, gd_error_string() will allocate a string of sufficient length using malloc(3), and buflen is ignored. In this case, the caller should deallocate the returned string using free(3) when it is no longer needed.


If buffer is non-NULL, the gd_error_string() function returns buffer, or NULL if buflen is less than one. If buffer is NULL, this function returns a newly malloc'd string of suffi‐ cient length which should be deallocated by the caller, or NULL, if memory allocation failed. In all cases, the error state of dirfile is unchanged.


gd_error(3), gd_error_count(3)
Version 0.9.0 16 October 2014 gd_error_string(3)
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