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Sympa is scalable and highly customizable mailing list manager. It can cope with big lists (200,000 subscribers) and comes with a complete (user and admin) Web interface. It is internationalized, and supports the us, fr, de, es, it, fi, and chinese locales. A scripting language allows you to extend the behavior of commands. Sympa can be linked to an LDAP directory or an RDBMS to create dynamic mailing lists. Sympa provides S/MIME and HTTPS based authentication and encryption. Sympa is a modern mailing-list manager. It supports a lot of useful features. Below is the list of documentation of Sympa. Reference manual Sympa, Mailing List Management Software - Reference manual <>. Daemons archived(8) Mailing List Archiving Daemon for Sympa bounced(8) Mailing List Bounce Processing Daemon for Sympa bulk(8) Daemon for submitting messages to SMTP engine sympa_automatic(8) Automatic list creation daemon sympa_msg(8) Daemon to handle incoming messages task_manager(8) Daemon to Process Periodical Sympa Tasks Web interface sympa_soap_server(8) Sympa SOAP server wwsympa(8) WWSympa, Sympa's web interface Shell Interface Administration tools sympa(1) Command line utility to manage Sympa sympa_newaliases(1) Alias database maintenance sympa_wizard(1) Help Performing Sympa Initial Setup Maintenance tools arc2webarc(1) TBD. init_comment(1) TBD. mod2html(1) Generates HTML view of messages to be moderated p12topem(1) TBD. sympa_soap_client(1) TBD. sympa_test_ldap(1) Testing LDAP connection for Sympa testlogs(1) TBD. tpl2tt2(1) TBD. upgrade_bulk_spool(1) Migrating messages in bulk tables upgrade_send_spool(1) Upgrade messages in incoming spool upgrade_shared_repository(1) Encode file names in shared repositories. upgrade_sympa_password(1) Upgrading password in database Auxiliary Programs alias_manager(8) Manage Sympa aliases (Obsoleted) ldap_alias_manager(8) TBD. mysql_alias_manager(8) TBD. queue(8), bouncequeue(8), familyqueue(8) TBD. sympa_newaliases-wrapper(8), sympa_soap_server-wrapper(8), wwsympa-wrapper(8) TBD. sympa_smtpc(1) SMTP / LMTP client Configuration files auth.conf(5) Configuration of authentication mechanisms for web interface of Sympa charset.conf(5) Configiration file for legacy character set support by Sympa crawlers_detection.conf(5) User agents to be excluded from session management edit_list.conf(5) Configuration of privileges to edit list configuration ldap_alias_manager.conf(5) Configuration of LDAP alias management list_config(5) Configuration file for mailing list nrcpt_by_domain.conf(5) Grouping factor for SMTP sessions by recipient domains sympa.conf(5), robot.conf(5) Configuration file for default site and robot sympa_scenario(5) Authorization scenario topics.conf(5) Configuration of list topics Internals Sympa::Internals(3) List of Sympa internal modules sympa_database(5) Strutcure of Sympa core database


Latest version of Sympa is available from <>.


The full documentation in HTML format can be found in <>. The mailing lists (with web archives) can be accessed at <>.


Report bugs to Sympa bug tracker. See <>.


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